DISM Host Servicing Process: What Is It?

Have you ever noticed that your computer starts to work much slower after updating Windows? You aren’t alone, many users from all over the world are complaining that their operating systems (particularly Windows 10) run at a snail’s pace after updating. While various reasons can lead to this issue, many computer experts blame the DISM host servicing process as it can consume all your system resources. Yes, it may sound surprising but this tiny process can cause a wide range of problems. Today, we’ll explain what the DISM host servicing process is and why its work can lead to negative consequences. But let’s start with some fundamentals!

What is DISM?

DISM is responsible for Windows Image files, especially during downloading the major updates. Simply put, the DISM is a program that is used by your PC to work with the Windows images properly.

Although everything is clear when it comes to DISM, there are some controversial reports about the DISM Host Service process or simply DismHost.exe. Some people believe that it is an essential element of Windows. At the same time, many antiviruses consider it as a malicious program.

DismHost.exe looks a bit suspicious as you cannot notice any window for this program. Plus, it doesn’t have a specific icon on the Taskbar.

Moreover, DISM host servicing process can cause numerous issues, such as:

  • It can be detected as a malicious application by your antivirus.
  • It can cause the Service Host Local System errors.
  • In many cases, it uses up to 90% of CPU.
  • It can use Internet Bandwidth.

The common complaint is that the DISM.exe takes up tons of space, and this, in turn, results in other difficulties. Overall, it can significantly reduce the productivity of the computer.

How to fix issues associated with DismHost.exe

While DismHost.exe can be necessary, we’ll discuss how to solve the problems, generated by this program. However, remember that it is entirely up to you whether you desire to continue using it without considering its advantages and disadvantages or you don’t. Here are several tips to solve DismHost.exe errors.

Remove it entirely

Yes, it is possible. If you believe that you don’t need it on your PC, just uninstall it. Visit the control panel and click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ option. Find DismHost.ex and get rid of it completely.

Scan your machine for malware

DismHost.exe acts as a malicious program, so scanning your computer for viruses or malicious scripts will automatically eliminate it.

Delete DismHost.exe files from your PC

To check if there are any suspicious files on your workstation, you may inspect temporary files. Visit the Local Disk (C)>Windows>Temp. Choose the necessary files and remove them.

It is a great idea to reboot your computer after using all these recommendations to be sure that everything is working correctly.