How to turn off Avast secure browser on Windows

The attitude to Avast cybersecurity programs has become quite controversial lately due to the automatic renewals of licenses and lack of protection. It is not a secret that Avast was involved in a dispute supposedly for selling the client’s personal data to a third-party giant corporation and advertising companies. As one can assume, this cannot be appropriate for a software that claims to do completely the opposite. Secure browser is one of Avast products and if you are one of the people who look for the information on how to turn off Avast secure browser, this article will be a perfect resource just for you.

Invalidated high expectations

At first, some of the customers were eager to try out a new product from Avast. It is obvious that the internet and browsers are the biggest holes in the protection systems of modern computers, so a browser with such a name and from a company famous for cybersecurity software sounded like a perfect deal. However, the expectations were too high and users quickly experienced the major flaws the browser had.

Disadvantages of Avast Secure browser:

  • First of all it saves some of the data about users’ browsing history, which is not appropriate by itself. Moreover, it means that this information is stored on the servers; therefore, it is more accessible for hackers and malicious software.
  • It is difficult to outmatch advanced browsers from corporations like Google, Opera and Microsoft. Avast definitely did not manage to hold up against the competitors in terms of quality and functionality of interface. It may be the result of the concentration of the majority of the company’s resources on the cybersecurity market.
  • In addition to incomparable functionality, Avast Secure Browser lacks stability and speed of performance. Even such a popular browser like Google has issues with performance sometimes, let alone the instability of servers and some downtimes.

All of these drawbacks make up a picture of not a viable browser for today’s standards. Avast Secure Browser might have gained some traction if it was released earlier.

How to disable the browser?

Turning Avast Antivirus off is a simple process that is almost identical regardless of the operating system. The easiest way to do it on Windows PC is to use the Task Manager.

Steps to get rid of this application:

  • Hold the “Ctrl, Alt and Delete” combination of keys and open the Task Manager.
  • Find the application you need to turn off and choose the “disable” option.

That’s it, there is nothing complicated in the process, so everyone can execute these steps without any help.

Bottom line

Secure browser from Avast is not the best solution for a modern computer user because of the major flaws in its performance. Good news is that disabling it will not take a lot of time and effort.