TL;DR:  IX Web Hosting “suspended” all my websites and refused a refund or access to my files because they won’t let me update a credit card.

IX Web Hosting SUCKS

I’ve been a customer of IX Web Hosting for quite a number of years now, with many websites and email systems being hosted over the years. I have sent quite a lot of customers to IX. I won’t make that mistake again. Yesterday IX Web Hosting shut down my account (including domains, email, access to my files, EVERYTHING) due to a stolen credit card (proven stolen in the Equifax data breech).

Did IX Web Hosting tell me this was happening?  No.

Did IX Web Hosting give me a chance to explain why there was a “charge back” on one (just one!) of my hosting plans?  No.

Did IX Web Hosting allow me to update the credit card information to get my websites back online?  No.

Was IX Web Hosting willing to give me a supervisor’s number or contact information?  No.

After struggling with IX Web Hosting for more than 24 hours over this “policy” of theirs, I requested a full refund, and said I’d like to have my files and I’d move to a new host. Did they honor this request?  No.

Did they absolutely REFUSE a refund?  Yes, yes they did.

I have all of the correspondence, and it will all be posted in the coming days. Please share this page with anywhere you can.

IX Web Hosting – worst hosting companyLet’s see how long they let this post stay active.