Does God Exist?

Sometimes I write my thoughts on various things to my granddaughter, who I call Little Sister.  This is one of those. Little Sister, A few days ago I was told by someone that God does not exist. My first reaction was to strongly disagree with this statement. Surely God must exist, otherwise how can I

Daddy, Why Do You Salute The Flag?

Daddy, Why Do You Salute The Flag?   Recently, my six-year-old daughter took notice of me and other airmen saluting the flag. Being an inquisitive child, she asked why we were waving to it. I had to explain to her that we were saluting the flag, not waving to it. “But why, Daddy?” she asked.

Political Correctness Can Kiss My Ass

Freedom of speech: You can’t say that, it’ll offend someone. Freedom of press: You can’t write that, it’ll offend someone. Right to bear arms: You can’t have a weapon, it’ll offend someone. Freedom of religion: You can’t talk about or promote your religion, you’ll offend everyone. Freedom to assemble: You can’t meet as “that” group

America, the Land of … blame?

It seems that the most serious problem with America is that we don’t have enough Americans anymore. I am not referring to immigrants, religions, or political views. I’m talking about people that will stand up for the rights of everyone else and be proud of our collective history and be united. Instead, we seem to

I Would Take A Knee

I would take a knee. I would take a knee in front of the spouse or child of a person that gave their life for me to be able to do so. I would take a knee beside the person that cannot stand because they were wounded in defense of my freedoms. I would take