TOP Series to watch with Avast VPN Netflix

One of the less common uses of virtual private network services is avoiding the restrictions of streaming services like Netflix. However, people tend to discover this possibility more in times of pandemic. The reason for that is the limitations from studios that restrict streaming of particular shows to certain regions or countries. It can be frustrating to have no opportunity to watch a series you would like to check out, especially when you are paying for the subscription on a streaming service. The article will broaden your horizons on the options of series you can watch everywhere with Avast VPN Netflix.

Get rid of the limits with a VPN

Virtual private networks allow users to hide or change their internet protocol address, which means you can change your virtual location and fake it to a different one. For example, US citizens cannot watch some of the most popular shows on Netflix, which is disappointing for the majority of the cases. The range of choice can become too narrow with time and you will have to look for something new, so it is better to get the most out of your Netflix subscription with the help of VPN.

The list of potential options of series to watch:

  • Big Bang Theory is the most obvious example. The show is popular all over the world due to its complicated but still lite humor, interesting characters and the plot. Despite the fact that this show is a comedy, it has a long history as has been on air for more than a decade (13 years specifically). It gives viewers a chance to observe the real character development and changes in the whole atmosphere. The most interesting thing about it, aside from science-related jokes, is the development of the humor concept overall. You can watch how the tendencies are changing with time because the jokes reflect the actual situation in the world.
  • Modern Family is a similar example, as it is also a comedy with a rich history and huge fan base. The advantage of it is that the humor is lite and unobtrusive but interesting still. It is a perfect series to have a break after a difficult working day or to spend some time with family or friends with a jar of popcorn.
  • 24 hours is quite a different but still amazing option. The main feature of it is that the narration follows the real-time concept, which adds to the whole specifics of a thriller show. Might be the perfect choice for “007” classic fans.


Netflix provides great streaming services but when it comes to restrictions and limitations viewers sometimes get frustrated. VPN can help to solve this problem, which opens up a completely new world of series you can watch, regardless of your location.