What is Apple Care?

Apple products are reliable and come with cutting-edge and sleek technology that pays for your money. If you pay big money for the device then the warranty plays an important role. In this article, we will discuss types of Apple guarantees.

What is AppleCare?

Apple devices are sold with a warranty that typically lasts for 1 year. This is a standard scheme: all equipment manufacturers work according to it. Owners of Apple gadgets can purchase an additional AppleCare warranty.

There are three types of Apple warranties: regular, AppleCare Protection Plan, and AppleCare Plus.

  • Apple’s Limited 1 Year Warranty is the regular manufacturer’s warranty. It enables you to free repair or replacement of the device if a factory defect is found. Also included in the warranty is support by phone or chat within 90 days from the date of purchase of the gadget. Accessories are not covered by the warranty but are eligible for repair and replacement programs.
  • AppleCare Protection Plan – Up to 3 Years Extended Warranty. This includes priority phone or chat support and a warranty for accessories and individual components. Thus, AppleCare Protection Plan gives the right to repair and replace the device itself, complete accessories, and a battery that has lost more than 20% of its capacity during the warranty period.
  • AppleCare Plus is a 3-year extended warranty with the right to rectify non-manufacturing defects. The basic conditions are the same as in the case of the AppleCare Protection Plan, but the user additionally gets the opportunity to repair the damage caused by negligent use twice within 24 months at a fixed price. For example, you can replace a broken display or damaged camera.

AppleCare and AppleCare Plus: what is the distinction?

AppleCare Plus is an optional extra that offers limited protection against accidental damage to your iPhone. At first, it could only be purchased immediately with the purchase of an iPhone, but later the restriction on the purchase of AppleCare Plus was relaxed to 30 days. There is also such a limitation as to the cost of repairing damage – it should be no more than $ 49. The insurance covers only two damages. For many, such a program will be the solution to all problems. The fact that AppleCare Plus was released by Apple suggests that the company behind the insurance and repairs is directly related to the topic. However, all this does not mean that this guarantee will be useful for all iPhone 4S buyers, without exception.

What AppleCare Plus doesn’t cover?

The extended warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • The extended warranty does not cover:
  • cases of external wear, scratches, and abrasions on the device case;
  • carrying out preventive maintenance;
  • replacement of a lost or stolen device;
  • mechanical damage inflicted on purpose and aggressively (I am not aware of how Apple defines such damage);
  • help with a device that was provided at the time of repair of your equipment;
  • if you opened, serviced, or tried to repair the device yourself;
  • repair of the device if mechanical damage appeared BEFORE purchasing an extended warranty;
  • in case of modification or mismatch of serial numbers;
  • the damage to the device due to fire, flood, earthquake, and other external environmental factors.

It should be mentioned, that in the event of a warranty repair, you will not be returned a replacement part (such as a battery or damaged screen).